Detailed Crowd Reports

Sorry for the delay in the reports. Here are the backlog of files for 11/25-12/07. Daily updates will be back on track.

forum_rpt2014-11-25.pdf (433.9 KB)
forum_rpt2014-11-26.pdf (433.8 KB)
forum_rpt2014-11-27.pdf (433.3 KB)
forum_rpt2014-11-28.pdf (432.7 KB)
forum_rpt2014-11-29.pdf (434.0 KB)
forum_rpt2014-11-30.pdf (474.3 KB)
forum_rpt2014-12-01.pdf (476.2 KB)
forum_rpt2014-12-02.pdf (464.8 KB)
forum_rpt2014-12-03.pdf (491.6 KB)
forum_rpt2014-12-04.pdf (465.9 KB)
forum_rpt2014-12-05.pdf (461.6 KB)
forum_rpt2014-12-04.pdf (465.9 KB)
forum_rpt2014-12-05.pdf (461.6 KB)
forum_rpt2014-12-06.pdf (469.1 KB)
forum_rpt2014-12-07.pdf (470.4 KB)


A few Note:

  • Jungle Cruise and Winnie the Pooh models have a bug, and we are
    running the numbers. The updates should be available on Wednesday.
  • Competitor’s data current as of December 8. Previous reports had some attractions with not-current data.

Have you guys seen Josh’s post over on Easy about your comparisons? Don’t mean to be obtuse. Just curious.