Detail crowd report: Monday, November 24, 2014

Mondays report: forum_rpt2014-11-24.pdf (498.9 KB)


Constructive Criticism: These reports are misguided and a waste of your time and my money. I’m not paying here for attacks on your “competitor”. You have no competitor. No one else is trying to scientifically model wait times. Steve’s time would be better spent adjusting the model or fixing the X axis on all wait times graphs. please.

What needs to be fixed on the X axis?

Oh, your graphs are fine. It’s the historical crowds graphs that need some attention. Inconsistent/incorrect X axis values make it difficult to compare. 11-22-14 is one recent example. (drives me nuts…but I’m a science teacher ;))

I see your point. Some graphs are starting at 3am others are starting a 6am. I’ll let the developer know. My guess is that we are getting some wait times prior to park opening and the charting software is adjusting the axis.