Desserts on the Dining Plan

Question about desserts on the dining plan. Do they need to be ordered with Dinner or is there a credit hanging out that you can use at a later time, like say a snack credit?

It has to be ordered with the meal. It’s all part of one credit.

Thank you!

But if you are eating in a resort food court you can get the desert you want rung up and have your receipt stamped so that you can go back within an hour to get the desert. Usually ice cream. That way you can eat your dinner and then get desert instead of watching it melt as you eat dinner.


That’s a great tip @alitig1. I didn’t know you could do that!

Yes - I’ve done this for beignets too - that way they are still hot when you eat them.


Thanks everyone…great to know!

Never heard that before @alitig1. Thanks for sharing!

We pack a lot of CS desserts to go for a snack later. Cupcakes back at the room anyone?I’ve been able to sub a dessert for a yogurt also.