Dessert partys

debating on adding one on to our trip - can anyone advise when these can start being booked? Didnt really see any options after July/Aug. Also looking for opinions on what partys you have gone to - what everyone has liked :slight_smile:

I can’t remember when they became available, but I think it was fairly early. I’ve done the HEA Before and After Garden View one and the Star Wars one. I greatly preferred HEA over the Star Wars fireworks, but I like the dessert offerings better at the Star Wars one. That being said, I’ve done HEA 3 times now and Star Wars only once and have no plans to go back. We’re doing the Frozen Ever After one next month to send Illuminations out in style. :slightly_smiling_face:


HEA is usually available at 180. SW has been available next. FEA and Fantasmic have been closer to 8-12 weeks?

I was able to book HEA at 180 days. FEA is still not available for July. I think SW became available within the last month for July. So what PrincipalTinker states has been my experience so far.

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Star Wars is available now for July. Best to search for each by googling the desert party and finding the Disney page that describes it. I have always found tracking down desert parties difficult otherwise. Some are in the app, some are only on the browser reservation page, etc. So I go straight to the source.

I am choosing SW for the atmosphere and AC!

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We did the Star Wars Dessert Party and it was really great!

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We were not a huge fan of the Fantasmic One and would probably not do it again. I know that was not exactly your question, but just weighing in.

thanks for the replys so far - we are doing the fantasmic dinner pkg - so wont need a dessert party for that. We are going end of sept/beg of Oct - and was leaning towards HEA or the FEA - but since illuminations will be gone - not sure if this one will still be offered?

Has anyone done a boat one? Was looking at the pirates and pals - sounds interesting.

Latest hint I have for the final Illuminations is 30th September with Epcot Forever debuting Oct 1st.


I have only done the Star Wars party and it was great! The fireworks were so-so, but the desserts and drinks were really great and the storm troppers interactions were super cool. If you have a Star Wars fan, it is well worth it.

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Last year I was not able to book HEA for June until I believe March or April. The date were not open past May for a long time.

I booked my HEA party already for the last week in August. You should be able to book now i think.

I did a private boat HEA tour last year and it was, no exaggeration, the coolest thing ive done at wdw. Depending on your party (and if you can split it with friends) this is the way to go.

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We’ve done all of the dessert parties at some point and there is something great about each of them. HEA is awesome because you don’t have to stress about staking out a spot early. The food there is my least favorite though. SW is probably the best food (and there is alcohol) and great for SW fans. I loved FEA for the view (while seated at a table) and the food was decent (and there’s alcohol) and then there was the chance to ride FEA after the park closed. The downside I think to SW and FEA is that it isn’t hard to find a good viewing spot for those so it’s a lot of money for desserts.

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Which one is this? The dessert boat on the lagoon?

Im referring to this fireworks cruise:

Did they have the music?

Yep, it gets piped in!