Dessert party

Can you use the reservation finder for any of the dessert parties? Specifically the Galactic Spectacular dessert party?

I don’t see it as a choice. When are you going?

I don’t see any of the dessert parties listed. Maybe because they don’t use a restaurant? Or maybe because they don’t really have time dependent reservations, it’s more like buying an event ticket? @Len, what’s the reason? TIA

We are going in November and the times aren’t listed on the Disney site yet, but I was wondering if the reservation finder would help when, and if, (hopefully!) they finally are.

Do you go onto lines chat? That is where I always see it. With that dessert party you can tell when it is about to be open- they load the dates, then the times, then open. That process can be hours or a few days.

We just haven’t added the dessert parties. We’re still trying to see how we can do this efficiently for everyone. Maybe at some point in the future we’ll do it.

I hadn’t because I thought it was just for use while in the parks. :upside_down_face:Just signed in and saw there is some good info there as well! Thanks!

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I really appreciate all the help I’ve gotten already!

Chat can be faster but answers are much more detailed here. They are both great!