Dessert Party - MNSSHP questions

Has anyone been to the Dessert Party at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party? Is it similar to the regular dessert party or will they have special Halloween themed desserts? Can you see everything from Tomorrowland Terrace? Anything else I should know?

I’m trying to decide if I want to do a dessert party for HEA or MNSSHP or both… Any advice is much appreciated.

I’ve done the HEA dessert party with plaza viewing. I think the plaza view area gives you a much better view of the castle than the terrace does for HEA in particular.

However, nobody has seen the new Halloween fireworks, as it is a brand new show for 2019. So, I don’t think anyone can tell you if you’ll be able to see everything from the Terrace. But, I’d imagine the best view will still be out in front of the castle area.

It sounds like the dessert will be Halloween-themed, but I can’t imagine it will be anything super ground breaking or spectacular. I will say the best thing by far at the HEA dessert party was the Ooey Gooey Toffee cake.

To boot, the Halloween dessert party is a whopping $84 ($50 for kids) on top of the MNSSHP ticket ($79-115). So you could be spending $200 per person for admission and the party :open_mouth: Maybe do the HEA dessert party if you’re looking to do one and let this new fireworks show and dessert party play out for a year and see how people review it.

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THIS - personally i cant see spending money for the ticket and the dessert party for the same event - we are thinking about other dessert parties - FEA or HEA or ROL as those would be other parks/nights.

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I just bought the dessert party tickets. I want to see the new show, I want to get desserts, and we won’t be trick or treating.

The question I have for those who have done this is: are the Halloween themed desserts AT the party the same as the specialty Halloween themed desserts throughout the park on party night?

Last year the treats at the MNSSHP dessert party were mini-versions of the special party snacks. We found value in that since we wanted to try so many of them.

Woo hoo! That’s what I was hoping.

My apologies for digging up this old thread, but my family and I are heading down this weekend and have the dessert party booked for the Halloween party. Have you already taken your trip? If so, did you end up doing the dessert party?

we went to MNNSHP on 9/29… was supposed to be one of the slower parties… ended up being sold out. Didnt do the dessert party that night but wish we did, garden area was sparse. we did the party on a HEA day and was packed! could hardly find any seats and everyone stood, so view was not good… so long story short, if i knew what i knew now, would have booked the dessert party for the party lol

Thanks for the feedback! My family and I have done the garden viewing dessert party for a regular HEA as well as NYE fireworks (on the 30th) and were grateful both times! My only hesitation with the MNSSHP one is the timing with the parade. I know the second parade is less crowded, but my 8 year old Cinderella turns into a pumpkin quickly at night so I don’t want to risk not seeing the first parade. I’m guessing we could always just arrive late to the dessert party after the first parade.

i would go that route - i think you will be fine. We couldnt stay for the 2nd parade either - we were dead - and family didnt really care about the parade at all so we didnt even see the first ;/ didnt get to sleep that night until probably midnight - crowded buses and showers that were needed :slight_smile:

We just came home today and did end up doing the Dessert party. Money well spent for a one and done to avoid the crazy of the hub for the fireworks, IMO.

Go to the first parade and then go to dessert party late - you’ll be fine. There is plenty of time between.

Thank you! Should we check in first then hit the parade or wait to even check in for the party until we are ready to eat?

That’s what I figured! Did you watch the first or second parade?

I would check in after. Honestly, the dessert party itself is a bust for MNSSHP, especially given the amount of candy and other food you’ll be having. I would just think about it as you’re really just paying for a viewing spot with some treats included…

You’ll have enough time to get some of the desserts, etc. and then make it to the viewing spot for fireworks. We were there on a sold-out night and there was plenty of space.

We watched the second parade.

After the fireworks, we moved our way to the front to see the Hocus Pocus show and then over a bit for the parade. I was right in the front row at the corner where the parade comes into the Hub. It was perfect.


I just wanted to follow up on our experience at the dessert party for MNSSHP. I know it’s too late for most people this year, but it might be helpful when people search next year. I was very glad we did it. After squeezing in for the parade it was a nice break from the mass of humanity. There was tons of room. We even sat for the entire show. Couldn’t really see the jack puppet, but view of projections and fireworks were great.

The desserts were no better or worse than the usual Disney desserts. It was really cool to get to sample most of the special Halloween desserts offered during the party though. They were bite sized so not ideal if your goal is an Instagram pic, but great if you truly just wanted to sample them.

We checked into the party at 8:45, got a plate of desserts and drinks. Ate all we wanted and walked down to Main Street right in front of Casey’s and squeezed into a spot about 9:05. After the parade passed by about 9:50 or so my family went to the plaza garden and I headed back up for an extra worms and dirt for my daughter and some to go cups of water for everyone to take back to them.

We walked right up to watch the Hocus Pocus show after the fireworks and had a pretty decent view.

Overall, I enjoyed the break from the crowd and liked sampling the desserts. I don’t think my approach would be ideal for someone who was truly trying to make a meal out of the dessert party as you likely wouldn’t have enough time to eat everything and get down in time for the first parade. If the second parade was your goal though it should be no problem to make a meal out of the party then watch the second parade after the fireworks. While my daughter ended up staying up for the whole party, I didn’t want to risk my Cinderella turning into a pumpkin as soon as the fireworks ended so we wanted to see the first parade.