Dessert party garden views for MVMCP

What is everyone thoughts on the dessert party during the MVMCP. I was thinking of it more to guarantee a seat for the fireworks not so much the desserts. I realize we may miss some of the party itself if we do it but won’t we miss some of it by staking out a spot or is that more for just the parade ?

I am interested in this as well. I am considering doing the dessert party more for the ability to not wait 1 1/2 - 2 hours for the fireworks. I have read that you can get a “to go” box at the dessert party and would consider showing up a little later, getting a to go box (maybe 2?) full of desserts to eat and feed to the children while we finish waiting for the show. Also hoping that the sugar rush from it is enough to get an extra hour (or 2) out of them that night. Does anyone know if the character meet and greets continue after the fireworks? I read somewhere that it clears out a lot after the firework show and didn’t know if meet and greets were easier to do after the show.

A to go box? That would be AWESOME and perfect!! That alone might make my decision :yum:

That is my thought, but again I don’t know for sure. I have never done a dessert party or gone to MVMCP. I have only been to WDW once and did it all wrong that time. I have read a lot and joined this group with the hope of doing it right this time around, but am hopeful that one of the experienced liners will have more information and insight.

The real value for us during parties has been the reserved parade viewing… I’ve been assured by three different CMs now that it does still include that, even though it’s not mentioned on the website (though we have the Terrace package so I’d ask them when you book if you get the parade viewing with a Garden package… if it does it may be a different location, because I don’t think there would be enough space in the Town Square location where we’ve been before). Getting that prime spot (in the center of Town Square) without waiting a long time means we can wait longer to get there, and the location means we can take the littles to visit Tink and Talking Mickey with very little or not wait at all in the 20-30 minutes before the parade arrives at the front. A CM takes the entire group to the Terrace/dessert party immediately after the parade is done, via the backstage route.

I don’t know about to-go boxes, but I really don’t see why not. We really don’t do characters that late, so I couldn’t tell you if they’re there or not.

So they take you from the terrace AFTER the fireworks for the parade viewing for the second parade . how does it work . I’m crazy I guess I still don’t get it. If it’s as good as it sounds maybe I’ll do the terrace?

No, no. You watch the first parade, and then go to the Terrace for the fireworks.

So the timing works out well because you watch the parade from the front (so it takes about 20-30 minutes to even get there) and by the time you get done with the parade and get to the Terrace with enough time to check in, get seated, and make a trip to get desserts before the fireworks start.

Do you check in somewhere to get a “secret back passage way” or a pass for the viewing spot? You know so they know you belong there. Like I said I’m crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes, you check in at the front, starting at 7 and they give you a lanyard credential. The viewing area will be roped off, and the CMs will allow only those with a credential (everyone 3 and over has to have their own) in. Then when you get to the terrace they check you in and seat you on a first come first serve basis, but everyone is guaranteed a seat.

Thank u for being so helpful. I may call to see if this is offered for garden viewing too . If not u may have just made my decision! Thank u . Enjoy your trip. We r going nov 27- December 6. Never been that time of year. can’t wait to see it for Christmas.

We’re 11/25-12/2. I like that time… it’s the only way to see the Christmas stuff before the crowds get huge.

If you call, can you post their response here? Thanks.

I’m interested to hear too- I will call too and see if CM say something different for garden view. I’ll post what they say.

Tried to call today. They r not taking any phone reservations until September 18 due to Irma


I emailed DSS and he replied, “unfortunately this year parade viewing is not included in the dessert PKG. Only reserved viewing of fireworks”

Now I had reservations for Garden Viewing during the party. I’m cancelling- I really want to do the dessert party but I will save fir another trip when it’s not a paid event night.

Thanks for the scoop. It really stinks that it’s not included though. I guess we’ll just find a spot like the rest of the people.

Yep us too-hope it’s not too hard to find a spot. I know @OBNurseNH says it’s not bad during the parties. Can’t wait to go!!

Thanks for the update.