Dessert Party for Epcot Forever?

Any rumors for a dessert party (Frozen Ever After or something else) after Illuminations ends and Epcot Forever starts. We will be at WDW Thanksgiving week and I am not seeing anything on the Disney website.

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I’m hunting for these rumors too. Logically, if Disney can make $ off an event, they will so I’m figuring this is just a matter of time. I’m hoping they announce the continuation of the Frozen DP as it knocks off food, Frozen FP, and fireworks.


I’ve been following the Traveling with Homeschoolers trip plans for this year (in November), because we’re hoping to do it next year, and their trip originally included the dessert party at Epcot. It was just changed, and the reason given was that their group was now too large for dessert party capacity over the two nights. Another bonus was added instead and the option was given to book the dessert party as an add-on instead. So… yes???

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I’ve was just looking on there the other day and it looks like it’s a private dessert party just for the group.

Join us for our private dessert party at Epcot! We’ll enjoy a variety of desserts, ice cream treats, and refreshments as we watch the new fireworks show, Epcot Forever . The cost is $35 per person, ages 3 and up. Space is limited, and park tickets are required.

It had been offered for three evenings originally.
Now it’s just being offered one day.


Going this year :+1:

So is it a regular dessert party, or a private one?

I can’t say for sure. I though our group had already be given all the spots in each of the parties on those three nights. Maybe it truly WAS just for us. But I don’t think so because she is still offering one night as an add on???

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Though I suppose that still could be an add on.

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Yeah it’s unclear if this new add on is still a private event or just a discount from the regular party.

@JustDianna are you able to help the OP here? :blush:

I apologize for the delay in my reply. I was away on a research trip and just returned. Our dessert parties were private (not the Frozen Dessert party). We ran out of spots for all three nights, so we’re doing a different event, but are still offering one dessert party as an add-on. It’s still private - just for our group.


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Not sure if this is what you’re looking for but it looks like Frozen Ever After is available for Thanksgiving week