Dessert Party First Night?


I can’t decide if this is realistic or not:

Our flight arrives MCO at 4:50PM, we’re staying at the Polynesian – would it be ridiculous to try to attend the Frozen Dessert Party the evening we arrive?

Thanks for any and all help – I had no idea Disney Planning was such an intense experience.

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There’s always a risk of a flight delay.
It also depends on whether you have a connection.
Also on how far you are flying…We fly in from the CA so we are beat after a long day.

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It’s a direct flight, also from California… I’m not as concerned about tiredness, more so if there would be enough time to land and get over there by 8pm…

A little tight but definitely possible. I wouldn’t choose that kind of stressed running around on arrival day. Also depends which transportation you use how long it will take.

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Thanks for the help! I cancelled the reservation!