Dessert party during Christmas Party - yes or no?

I’m wondering how big (or smaller) the crowd will be for fireworks at the Magic Kingdom during Mickey’s Christmas Party? We will be there Sunday, 12/10. Will the crowd be smaller and we shouldn’t consider booking the dessert party?

Do they even have a dessert party during party nights? When I look at November, they don’t seem to. I assume you meant you will be at MVMCP on 12/10.

Good point. I didn’t even think about that, but I guess it makes sense that they wouldn’t offer the dessert party on those nights. THANKS!

I would not do it. You have to arrive substantially early ahead of the fireworks and I would personally not want to use party time that way. We attended MVMCP a couple of years ago and watched the fireworks with no issue whatsoever.

They have done so in the past. So you’re not crazy.

I did some more digging, and it appears they have had a Holiday Wishes dessert party in the past. Maybe just not released yet. But I agree with trying to use your time wisely for the party-only things that matter to you.