Dessert Parties~

Hey all, happy Thursday!
Question: How difficult has it been to get dessert party reservations as of late? Also, are they available at the 60 day mark or do they just pop up at random times?
Thanks all~

I am doing ADR this week for the end of OCT- beg of Nov. Mk pre and after dessert parties have been available for every night that week right now. Well days that the MNSSHP are not scheduled anyways. Also still seeing some availability for 60 days from today. I have seen the schedule as far out as 60 + 10 so they currently seem to be loading with all other dining res. The treats and seats one seems to go quickest with very little avaialability even at 60 +10.

Edited to add that I have been searching for a party of 5 so less people may have better availability