Dessert parties (SWW and MK)

Hey Liners…it’s been a while since I’ve hopped on the forum but I have a question for you all. At the dessert parties, do you know if they have gluten free options or at least have the PattyCakes packaged cookies there? My son and nephew are GFCF (gluten free, casein free) and we were wondering if we need to bring them stuff or not. Thanks in advance and have a MAGICAL day!

I’m not sure. @mALYficent might have some insight. She’s well versed in all the GF options everywhere.

I would also try calling ahead just as with any reservation to see if they can make some sort of accommodations.

TTDP/Wishes Dessert party is a buffet of options. They might tell you which options are GF from what’s available. But perhaps if you call ahead, they might have more?

same with SWW dessert party. I remember lots of cupcakes and sweets. I’d hazard a guess that they were not GF.

Good luck with your search and I hope they can help make arrangements for you.

I don’t recall seeing any specific signs for gluten free options but they are always accommodating and I’m sure with notice they would have something available.

Thanks for the tag @DarthDopey!

I’ve done a bit of research into this, because I wanted to see if it was something worthwhile for me. They do have gluten-free options available, but for the most part the desserts are the same packaged ones that are provided in other restaurants (cookies and brownies, plus fresh fruit). There was no shortage of desserts from reviews that I’ve read, and more were available upon request, but I just didn’t feel that packaged desserts were worth the price of the party for me personally. I would make sure you talk to the Dining Reservations Line in advance and let them know about the allergies so they can prepare and make sure they have enough stock on hand.

There’s a picture near the top of this article (Mickey shaped plate) of gluten free options available.

Hope this helps!