Despicable + Transformers in first 20 minutes?

TP says that if USF doesn’t offer early entry (which I don’t think it will on my day), you should ride DM and Transformers and be on EFG line with 10 minutes to spare before park opening. Is that actually reasonable? Seems almost impossible that you’d be able to walk from entrance to DM, ride DM, walk to Transformers, ride Transformers, and walk to HP all in 20 minutes. Still worth following that plan even if you’re running 10-20 minutes behind?

Transformers might not be open during EPA. They list the rides that are open on uni website when epa hours are posted. Dm will take about 20 mins inc the pre show and actual ride. Then go straight to Gringotts. Transformers queue is never that bad so do that later. For epa in usf at easter we skipped dm as we are not fans, had done it day before and didn t get there until 8.10 ish We did Gringotts x2 first time was walk on second time we had 15 min queue. By the time we got our bags etc it was about 9.15 . We then did Hogwarts exp to IOA. Even with no queue its still takes 5 minute to walk through and then you might need to wait for the train to arrive. We then did FJ ( walk on) flight of hippo ( 45 min standby!!) as we had exp pass. DDragon ( exp pass)then hit 3 broomsticks for break fast at 10.30. Now Kong will be a big draw and no one knows if ioa will open for epa and if Kong will be part of epa yet. Hope this helps

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during EPA is usually pretty limited.