Despicable me question

My husband and I will be visiting Universal soon on a 3 crowd level day. We don’t have any kids, and while I’m a big kid, he is not so much. We have never seen Despicable Me and it’s not the kind of thing we would normally watch. Will we still enjoy this ride? Just wondering if it is really that great, or if the wait times are more due to the newness of the ride and the popularity of the movie.

Personally I don’t rate it very highly and it will not be a priority for us on the next trip. Lots of much better rides to be done. However it is better than Twister and Disaster but that’s not saying much.

Given no kids, not fans and the way it loads creating long wait times, I’d not prioritize it. I really enjoyed it last time I went, but I’ve enjoyed the films.

I really like the humor in the ride, it definitely helps to know the movies but I think the Minions are funny no matter who you are.
That said, the long waits are more about the low throughput capacity & being one of the only family-friendly thrill rides. I’d hit it at rope drop, save it for closing, or just skip it.