Despicable Me Kids Suites

I have a few questions about the Despicable Me Kids Suites at Portofino Resorts.

  1. Do they have Internet? If not, how much and does it work?
  2. Does each room have a refrigerator? If not, how much and how big is it?
  3. Where are the suites on the property? Close to pool??
  4. Places to eat or get groceries delivered??

Thanks, Jenn

What??DM suites???

I don’t know anything about them except what is on UOR’s website. I would like to know if they can sleep five since we have 3DDs. Anyone?

  1. Yes free but varies in strength 2) No but you can hire one for $15 per night same for microwave 3) no idea 4) loads of places on site and city walk and you might be able to get a garden grocer deliver. No shops that close buy for walking too.

You need to contact uni and check as they will supply rollaways for some rooms They cost about $25"per night. Delux double at HRH sleeps 5 as it has a sofa bed as does Jurassic Park kids suite at RPR.

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