Desperately need help

I must be too dumb for this. I am trying to make my first plan, and the picked Hollywood Studios because being smaller, I thought it would be easier. I do not understand why, when you add a show, it lists the show times and then completely disregards the one I select. It doesn’t do me any good to put the Beauty and the Beast show at 6:57 PM when the last showtime is 5 PM. It makes no sense at all. I have been working on this for hours and I am extremely frustrated.

The optimizer will arrange the shows around the other attractions, based on the data that tells it when it’s best to see those attractions. If you’d like it to “stick” in one place, you’ll need to move it to the spot you want/need and use EVALUATE.

If you post a link to your plan, we can see where things are going wrong.


At here should be a link that says I think “publish” plan, or “share”? If you click on that and then copy the link here we can look and help!

I feel your pain. I am on the verge of tears as we leave in less than 2 weeks, and I still can’t figure out the Touring Plans planner. I have our dinner reservations, and fast passes, but can’t get them logged in, and a plan generated. I am college educated, but you would never know it since I can’t get this to work!!! ~clarissa

The best thing to do is to put everything you want in, then hit optimize. Then rearrange the order of the optimized version to put things in the order that you want to do them and then hit evaluate. Don’t hit optimize again. Then look for gaps of free time and move attractions to that space. Also, look for places where the wait is long and make those your FP+ priorities.

I will try that! Thx!