Design a rollercoaster challenge

For those of you who can access BBC iPlayer, last night’s episode of The Apprentice featured a rollercoaster design challenge.

It’s all kinds of fun — not least the incredible technology available to design and simulate rollercoaster concepts.

And a reminder that real thrill-seekers need to look beyond WDW (and even UOR) for best-in-class design.

The Apprentice, Series 15: 6. Theme Park: BBC One - The Apprentice, Series 15, Theme Park via @bbciplayer


I wish Sum of all Thrills was still at Epcot. My older son loved it and my younger son never go the opportunity.


That was an awesome attraction.

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Didn’t you think the winning one looked a bit boring though?

Nice to see this - Thorpe Park is just down the road from us (~30min) but we have never been. May give it a look based on what we saw last night, certainly a step up in terms of coasters from even IoA!

I’ve never been either, I’d like to but it’s a bit of a trek from Manchester. We go to Alton Towers if anywhere.