Desert After Party - Mid January

I have been hesitant to spring $100 to watch fireworks. Dd and I didn’t do a dessert party in October, but we watched from CG. I was planning on watching from between Casey’s and The Plaza but that was before the variant ramping up.

…so tonight I sprung for the after party. It really makes zero financial sense for me since the desserts are apparently not all that great and I don’t like the taste of alcohol, but I feel like w/ a little more space around me I will feel more comfortable watching the fireworks. Basically, it is for peace of mind.



Your right the desserts weren’t great, but the location and the fact you aren’t packed in right next to every other was just priceless! I will for sure do it again next year!


Can I come in your backpack and drink your booze? (kidding. Maybe). I recently took a huge pay cut (left the corporate world to become a second grade teacher to fulfill a dream) and I STILL splurged on the dessert party for my MK day this Wed Dec 22. I did it last time I took my kids in 2018 and it was worth every penny in my opinion. I support your decision!

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Sometimes the best decisions make zero financial sense. Your peace of mind is far more valuable than uneaten desserts.