Departure morning

Does anyone try to squeeze in a last visit to MK or any other park the morning they leave? I really want to. Our flight home is 4:30 so ME will pick us up for 12:30 correct? Is that enought time to stop in one last time, if we are packed up and ready to check out the night before?
What do you guys usually do?

I think MDE is three hours prior to flight time. And we always go to a park the last day. It’s always pretty melancholy though. But no way around it! I have to say good bye.

This year we are going to go to Epcot our last day. I’ve never done that, but maybe it will be easier to leave :slight_smile:

You can leave your bags with bell services. And if you are nervous that you won’t get back to the resort in time from a park, you could always take a cab back

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Go to a park at RD, of course! Use the Resort Airline Check-In Service to check-in to your flight and check you bags before going to a park, and then all you have to do is get on DME when you get back to the resort.

would it be pushing it trying to do crystal palace that morning?

It used to be my tradition to go to CP on my last morning. I finally gave it up because it was way too stressful. CO never seats you on time, I have been stuck behind tour groups, you just can never control it. If that is all you want to do, and it is an 9:00 ADR, maybe.


We do breakfast at a resort on our departure day. We did 1900 Park Fare last year and we’re doing Ohana this year.

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@kimbera just curious what time was your flight out and did you use magical express?

We have a 4:30 flight home too. As I understand it, ME picks you up at the resort 3 hours before the flight. We’ve booked a 10am breakfast at Kona and think we’ll have enough time to get back to POFQ before the bus picks us up.

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Our flight was later in the day around 4 or 5 and our breakfast reservation was at 9 AM I think. We did use DME and had plenty of time. This year we are driving so no worries about flight times and DME.

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I feel like I’m over planning. And I’m stressing out about it a little. :frowning:

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We all do!

I have a 1:30 DME pick up on the 4th of July. I will tell you it was one of those days I really appreciated FPs. I did all three mountains, had a Nutella waffle, PP and one last Philharmagic, oh yeah, I even caught the early FoF parade on the way out. I really love FPP on departure day.

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@PrincipalTinker didn’t even think about FPP for that day… Thanks for the reminder

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Most days have a 3 -4 hour break( I think). I can see what everyone means when they say planning around the TS meals can be a pain. If you looked at my TP’s that I have posted you will see most park visits are half days with rest. I think I need to lose a night tho…let everyone relax lol. Just can’t decide what day… Anyone out there not planning a trip want to help me? Lol

We hit up Epcot on our last day as our flight was like yours - didn’t leave until 4:00. We stayed at BC so we just walked over in the morning after packing up and checking our bags in with concierge for DME. Made all our FPP for 9, 10 and 11, shopped a little, grabbed lunch and came back to BC to catch DME to MCO. Don’t stress too much, I was just like you when planning our September trip. We did use the plans I made, if we got off it was no big deal, we’d usually get back on or catch up later.

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I feel like I want to chime in…You will want to be back at POFQ by 1:15 :slight_smile: If you are seated late, it might get tight because you have to get the monorail back to MK to catch the bus. if it gets tight, take a cab from Poly. It will be worth the $13. Or take UBER :slight_smile:

That’s our plan too @YouAreAllWeirdos. I like the idea of being able to walk back to the hotel and not be concerned about resort buses.

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I’m at POP

If you can get CP early and grab some good FPP’s, sounds great! If everything goes south and it looks hairy, take a cab :slight_smile: That’s WAAY cheaper than taking a cab to MCO if you miss MDE :wink:

Good idea to cab it back! Thanks for the tip.