Departure Day

In my haste to book free dining, I purchased a full 8 days of park tickets so that leaves me with a park ticket on my departure day. My plan is to do an early 7:45 breakfast at Chef Mickey’s and then monorail over to Magic Kingdom for a few rides.

My flight leaves at 4:56pm that afternoon. I assume that Tragical Express will pick us up around 1:30-2:00.

My question is: what time should I leave the Magic Kingdom if I plan to use bus transportation to get back to POP?

You won’t be able to check in your baggage at the airline desk that early so you’ll have to leave them with bell services and check them in when you get back to the resort. I’d say you’d want to be leaving MK by Noon-ish to be sure you’re back in plenty of time to get your bags situated and on the bus.

I thought that the desks for DME opened at 5:00AM, just like the Resort Airline Check-in desks.


I tried chatting with a Disney representative to find out when the desk opens. The “person” acted like she had no idea what I was talking about. :unamused:

It is either 5 or 6 am. I think there would be time to drop the luggage at the airline checkin


Not true. We checked ours at 0700 for 0800 TH on depart day.

As to original question I would allow a solid 90 mins to get back to Pop. Thisbisnthebonenpart if your trip where you CANNNOT be late as it will be more than inconvenient. I’m sure you won’t need that much time but I would not want to stress out in the final magical moments.

Also, DME picks up THREE HOURS prior to flight depart time. If you’re leaving at 4:56 your DME will leave by 1p and they might even have you scheduled a smudge earlier

@larrielaine When is your trip again? Sorry I’m sure you said but I missed it. We have a 5:35pm flight on departure day and were going back and forth on whether or not to pop into MK for a while.

Is your math right? 4:56-3:00=1:56.

Nov 26 - Dec 3

That’s right! I was going to ask you to report back how it works out but we have the same departure date!

I guess we’ll find out together! Are you in the December Liners Facebook group?

Lol yep! I’ll keep following this post for others input as well. It’s just so little overall cost to add an extra park ticket day at that number of days I think I’d like to…just never tried entering the park on our departure day, not sure how rushed it would feel, how tragic it would be leaving the park for the airport (for the kids) lol.

I haven’t either. I just made a plan with 6-8 favorite rides mostly in Fantasyland or close by that should only take 2-2.5 hours.

What time are you getting started that day? Early morning heading to MK after checkout? We are expecting to sleep in later than usual that day (esp. the kids, we do MVMCP the night before and will hit it hard until midnight, lol). So I have to be reasonable w/ our start time. That’s why we have a late WCC (in our resort) breakfast at 11.

On our last trip, we did Chef Mickey’s on our last day and then popped over to the Magic Kingdom for about 3 hours. Our intention was to give the boys a little more time on Tom Sawyer Island and do 2 rides that I had secured FPP for. Unfortunately for us, it started raining, so our plans got a little messed up and we ended up running for the bus at the end, but all in all, I’m glad we did a park on the last day. I think it can be fairly stress-free if planned out somewhat.

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Uh… adjusting for time zone :wink:

Seriously, was just waking up. :wink: You’re right. 2pm

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Yes, I have checked my bags into the airline checkin before I left the resort in the morning for a night flight. I thought it was not allowed but it was.

I would be leaving MK by noon. I had one very stressful ride back to the resort (just missed a bus, another broke down) so I give myself a lot of time.

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Oh sorry. For some reason I was thinking it didn’t open until 7 or 8.