Departing MK on nights with EMH or Christmas Party

On nights when there is PM EMH or Christmas Party after the regular closing time, can you still go to the shops or restaurants if you are not eligible for EMH or Party.
How does it work in practice, do they have roaming CM’s encouraging you to exit or is it just that you cannot go on rides or shows?

Yes, CM’s will ask you to leave. You will not be able to stick around.

For pm emh you are allowed to stay in park and shop and eat wander etc until the end of emh. They check your magic band for rides. For parties you will be directed or escorted to park exit at 7 pm. From 7 pm you will be refused service in all stores even if already in them You cannot make any purchases buy any food or use restroom aftet 7 pm. Cms check for party bands and you will see a wall of them in certain areas as they sweep the park. 2 totally different experiences.

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The issue with the stores is that they sell party exclusive merchandise. It is easier for them to say you cannot bumpy anything. CMs would not want to say- you can purchase this item but not that item.

Thanks all, that’s a great help. We will be in Orlando between the 7th and 14th of December so there are lots of party nights at that time. With the above information in mind, we will make sure we dont go on a party night.

I’m not sure that’s the right conclusion especially if you will have park hoppers. The MK crowd levels can be low relative to the other parks on party days. Start your day at the MK on a party day and hop out by around tparade time if not earlier

The one time I went to MK on a party day, the CL was 3 points higher than TP predicted. If you do plan on going on a party day, plan on leaving NLT 4:00