Deluxe versus Moderate help

We’ve always stayed Deluxe (DD7, DH and me) mostly for location and transportation. We’ve done WL, Poly, CR, and BW. Loved them all. Looking to shave expense on the next trip. Honest answers here - for a family used to size and scope of a Deluxe, how would you compare POR? Also, probably not going to do a stroller this time for DD so walking too much will be a factor.

I think you’ll be fine at POR or FQ. We have stayed at both as well as deluxes and my wife’s favorite is actually PO French Quarter out of all our stays. The biggest thing you’ll notice giving up is proximity to the Magic Kingdom compared to the Poly etc. as it’s no longer a quick monorail ride, but a bus to everything except Disney Springs.

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We were just at POFQ in December, and loved it. We really enjoyed the compact size that minimized walking to eat or catch a bus (and only one bus stop). We never had a issue with riding the buses to or from the resort. It also has the advantage of the availability of POR just up the walking path. It made for a very nice experience as a first time on-site stay.

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Here are room layouts. They are a bit smaller. And there is more travel time. POFQ is really nice.


We had stayed deluxe before we tried POR last year. Really loved it. The rooms are smaller and your window looks out to a walkway rather than a private balcony. But we didn’t really notice the smaller room size. I highly recommend the Royal Rooms at POR.

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With just the three of you, I don’t think the difference in room size will really be that much of an issue. If walking is an issue, you might want to consider POFQ over POR; some of the rooms can be a hike from the main lobby/pool area. Unless I am planning a “special” trip with DW (when we rent DVC points), I typically stay at POP (even smaller rooms and fewer amenities), and I love it there. All resorts have their own kind of “magic” and unless huge lobbies, interior hallways, spas, and signature dining are important to you, I think you’ll be just fine at a mod.


For me - the rooms themselves are of lesser importance than the resort as a whole - with some exceptions. We are doing the SWAN this time and I specifically because swan has QUEEN beds instead of double. I do also like the larger size of the rooms. However general room amenities in a lot of cases aren’t significant. For me however - the resort as a whole is why I prefer deluxe. Outside of theaming - the deluxe just seem a bit more calm, less crowded, a bit more refined and a place for me to detox as a whole. I also like the interior corridors. It just makes me feel like I am staying at a nicer place.

I never think of POR rooms as being much smaller than BW, WL or AKL. I do think they are much smaller than Poly but not enough to bother me.