Deluxe room share

I’ve been thinking how cool it would be to have a deluxe hotel share, like is done for Disney Photopass for people who combine for a deluxe hotel to get UExp for 2 days. I sometimes go as a single or as a couple and having to pay deluxe prices for just one or 2 people.seems such a waste when UExP can be for 5 per room. I don’t know how feasible it would be, and of course times would have to overlap. I don’t mean sharing the room, but sharing the ExP benefit.


I’ve seen folks do that before. The person with the room just has to add the other person’s name to the reservation and get their room key to them.
Keep in mind this person would potentially have access to your room for the duration of your stay, so make sure it’s someone you trust.


That is an excellent idea. I would totally do that. We aren’t going again until Epic has had a chance to work out the kinks. But, I wish you the best and hope this takes off. When we go, I’d even be willing to move our travel dates to match.

My guess is that most people would be using a share on the throwaway room.

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That’s what I was thinking, a throwaway. I hate having to move, but I also want the 2 days of ExP, but don’t usually need it for the full stay.

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That is totally us too. We prefer the amenities and space of a VRBO. Two days Express Pass is fine for us. I am cheap and I make the family actually move into the Premier room when we’ve gotten one. But, if we were in a share on a throwaway room, we’d happily stay in our VRBO.