Deluxe resorts

We are staying at Polynesian for second time this fall. Looking to do an Epcot resort next year. Any suggestions? Our daughter is 4. Thank you!

I enjoyed BWI when my sons were young. Never stayed at BC, but hear it’s great. Funny thing is, it was so long ago we stayed at BWI, they let our sons swim in Storm Along Bay, no questions asked

We did Beach Club last July and loved it. If your daughter likes to swim, BC/YC is ideal due to Stormalong Bay. If she doesn’t like the water, then whichever of the 3 is cheapest likely works although I think that often is BC…

Thank you !

You also want to remember that the Beach Club/YC is a short walk to the International Gateway which leads straight into EPCOT.

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we’ve stayed at Boardwalk and Beach Club, they are both great for location, but if your 4 year old is a pool fan, Beach Club has Stormalong Bay, and that is everything people make it out to be and more

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We have stayed at all 3 and liked them all, but with a 4 year old I would pick BC.
The pool is great–young kids seem to love the sand/beach play area. On our last two trips we have found Disney characters in the Solarium and played games with them.

I too have stayed at all three. I would pick YC since it is the same pool as BC, but almost all YC rooms have full balconies.


Good point.

Yes. I really like the looks of YC club rooms. That is what I was thinking too! Thanks for feedback!