Deluxe Resorts Extended Evening

We just got back 2 weeks ago and used the extended evening hours for deluxe resort guests for both Epcot and Magic Kingdom . It was incredible! We would like to use it again for our next trip. We are doing a split stay. We are checking out of a deluxe and into a moderate on an epoct extended evening. I have 2 questions. Does anyone know if you can use the extended evening hours on your check out day? We are also concerned about transportation back to a moderate resort at the end of an extended evening hour . The deluxe resort buses will be running but I’m not sure if the moderate resort buses will be running since they aren’t expected to be in the resorts for that extra 2 hours.

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Yes. We did this in January without a problem.

We were too so we ended up driving to Epcot. Sorry–I know that’s not helpful.

Can you go to DS and bus hop to moderate?

Which moderate - that will help with advice

We will be going to riverside. I talked to guest services and they weren’t entirely sure. They had to bring it up to a manager. Guest services believed I am still a deluxe guest as long I don’t check into the moderate. That means leaving Epcot at 11 PM and driving from Boardwalk Inn to Riverside, them checking in. I still have time to move things around. I’m trying to take advantage of military discount which is limited that week or if a confirmed dvc comes available.

Question: We are doing the same, moving from a deluxe to a moderate mid-stay. If our park tickets are attached to the deluxe, would we still be able to use the extended hours even though we moved to a moderate? Thanks all~

I would bus to DS and ferry to Riverside