Deluxe It Up - To Infinity & Beyond!

Also, since I’m still adding to the thread, I’ve updated it from Deluxe It Up - 2023 to Deluxe It Up - Infinity & Beyond! :rocket: :astronaut:t2:


I’m going to try this again. Last year none of my info would integrate and it was really annoying. We have a bunch of trips booked in the next few months (yay points!!) and it’s starting to get hard to keep track. I am the trip planner in my family, too. If I go Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs no one will have a clue how to get us home. I would really like it to automatically upload the QR code or barcode or PDF of tickets for tours etc. Can it do that or am I dreaming?


When you get booking confirmations you can forward them to (has to come from the email on your TripIt account) and it will turn them into a trip plan.

If you have hotel, air, car all on overlapping dates, it usually does a good job of making it all a single trip, but once in awhile it creates two separate ones, but you can merge them easily.

There’s also a way to allow TripIt to sync with your Gmail, outlook or other inbox, but I’m not really up for 3rd party apps all up in my email, so I just forward the booking email manually. Maybe one day I’ll set up an autoforwarder to just send Southwest, National, Hyatt or Marriott bookings automagically.

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I’ve dropped some product info in this thread before, so will just tack this on here -

I’ve had my eye on getting one of these device holders for awhile.
Completely necessary? Nope.

But seem convenient for a trip, plus they also can be used standing on a flat surface which my kids do on the dining table ALL THE TIME. (You can tell one of them was sitting there recently because whatever candle, vase, or other decoration on the dining table is no longer in the center, but off to the side where they leaned their phone against it.)

Anyway - now on sale for 45% off so I figure worth a shot at $9.95 each. Will see how it goes!



I am currently leaning my phone against a clothespin.

That device would be good on a road trip, too.

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A couple of years ago I took those plastic end caps from a cardboard poster tube and cut 45 degree notches on each side. Super low tech phone holder at the table! Worked pretty good!

Kids were underwhelmed.


It’s their job. Helps keep parents humble. :smile: