Deluxe DVC Rental

I’m looking for some help deciding upon which Deluxe resort to rent DVC points from. I’m told getting points for GF is near impossible (GF is on my bucket list!!). AKL appears too dark inside for me.

I’d like a resort that is not so huge you have to hike a mile to get to the bus stop.
I’d like a fun pool suitable for a 6 yo girl.
I’d like to be reasonably close to get breakfast in the morning before boarding the bus.
The closer to MK the better, but not a deal breaker.
The age of the resort doesn’t bother me, but I do want to “feel” the deluxe part of a deluxe resort - if you know what I mean!

BLT? Havent stayed - but that seems to meet a lot of your criteria

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The Poly or Wilderness Lodge would also be strong MK candidates I’d think. Beach or Yacht Club at Epcot may also fit as it has the best pool on property allegedly although they lose points for MK proximity. GF obviously would too, but if you can’t get points it doesn’t really matter…

Beach Club is sort of the best of all worlds in terms of not being AKL which is the best on property lol. If you’re worried about walking don’t book Boardwalk.

Behind AKL and BC, Wilderness Lodge would probably be my next pick for your requirements although in reality I’d probably go with OKW for it’s proximity to DS and all those awesome food options plus they have the biggest rooms on site.

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I think I really have my heart set on GF. I don’t want a gloomy, dark room - so I feel like Poly, AKL and Wilderness Lodge may be immediately struck off the list due to that reason.

@Outer1 LOL, you talk so highly of AKL. Please enlighten me!! Is it dark and gloomy?

Is OKW a sprawling resort? It looks massive.

I definitely wouldn’t say it’s dark and gloomy. I would say the colors are muted, cool, calming, warm, and relaxing. Trust me when you’re taking a nap with your balcony curtain open and just the shears (Which have lion king characters woven into them) closed it’s not dark at all. Here’s a couple of photo’s from one of our trips.

And OKW is a big resort. The plus to that is that if you rent a car you can park right by your door. Way less walking to get anywhere.


That’s a standard view room btw. That’s why you get the cleaning pens and such. We don’t pay for the Savannah view we just ask for any view other than the parking lot. We still got to see tons of animals.

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Just spent a week in a 2BR Lake View at BLT. Hard to beat the view and location.

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We loved, loved, loved BLT. I get that the decor isn’t for everyone, but we were into it. Walking to MK was fantastic, seeing Wishes out our balcony (lake view room) was a huge bonus. It was quiet, the pool was nice, and it was an easy walk over to the Contemporary for food.

We’ll be at AKL in a month, and I’m looking forward to a different experience, there.

Good luck choosing!

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Anyone have experience with Saratoga Springs?

So, not dark and gloomy. I can handle that.

We don’t rent a car. We live strictly within the bubble! :slight_smile:

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No not dark and gloomy. It’s really atmospheric and I really can’t stress to you how awesome the sunrise over the Savannah looks lol. Plus you’ve got great food options, two great pools, and I love the CM’s. They have lots of cultural representatives and activities and they really seem to enjoy talking about their homes and interacting with people who are inquisitive. Especially kids.

We almost always have a car. There is so much to see and eat in Orlando lol. Plus I HATE the Disney bus system. I don’t mean normal hate I mean fancy HATE… with Raisins! I’d rather walk! We always drive. Plus we do occasionally venture out of the bubble. This trip we’re doing one of the biggest sling shot rides in the country, eating at a place that makes the biggest pancakes ever, an asian street fair place, and getting lots of great deals at the outlets.


Thanks to you, I won’t cross it off the list. My wallet may thank you later as it seems to be one of the least expensive deluxe resorts :slight_smile:

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Bay Lake Tower! We have stayed there twice and love it.
My kids loved the pool - and since it’s private, the pool was never crowded. We had it to ourselves on several occasions! (You also have access to the Contemporary’s pools if you wanted to!)
It’s not even a 10 minute walk to MK. You can hop right on the monorail to bring you to the other resorts/parks. A quick boat ride from Wilderness Lodge and Ft. Wilderness (my kids loved Chip-n-Dale Campfire).
There are several spots to grab food at the Contemporary before heading out for the day. (Table Service options, Quick Service, Coffee shop, etc.)

@Outer1 Please tell me there are shortcuts to the pool and the bus if you get stuck in the very back section of Jambo House! This is the DVC section ,right? Edit to add - or maybe the scale is off and it isn’t as big as it looks!

Only the 5th floor in Jambo is DVC, the rest is in Kidani. The scale is a bit off here, it’s not too bad since you’re always walking toward the middle from whichever area of the horseshoe you’re in. Now if you do happen to get at the far extreme’s it is a bit of a walk but really that’s true at any of the resorts.

how difficult is it to get a week here between 7-11 months out? I don’t want to miss out on 180 ADR. DH is a foodie and food at Disney is part of our experience there!

I’m the same way about the food. That’s a big part of our vacation. If aren’t going at a peak time or holiday it’s not usually too hard. If you find you’re still waiting and haven’t gotten one you can always book a ten day room only at a value resort, pay the first nights fee as the deposit wait til your last day is within 180 days and then cancel that reservation and get a refund… but you didn’t hear that from me :wink: lol

If you count Halloween as a holiday, then yes. :slight_smile: DH wants to go next year for the MNSSHP, and since our daughter will be starting 1st grade, I’d rather avoid Sept for the trip. We’re thinking the last full week of October 2017.

I would totally book at room at POP as a back up plan. We don’t hate it there… I just like to change things up!

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We do hate it there lol :joy: That’s probably a pretty reasonable timeframe for a dvc rental too.

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