Deluxe Dining Plan - Splitting Meals?

Hi Everyone! I’m planning my 5th trip to WDW for my family of 3, we are staying at Beach Club for the first time and really wanted to take advantage of the “free” dining offer, by using the opportunity to upgrade to Deluxe. I want to upgrade to Deluxe because my family enjoys quality food and I want to eat at some higher end restaurants. With that being said, my son is 7 and I do not eat a lot at one sitting, so I don’t see myself being able to consume a whole appetizer, entree, (alcoholic) beverage and dessert…ever! And I don’t even think my guys, with their huge appetites, can do that 3 times a day.

Is it reasonable to share a deluxe TS meal with my 7 year old, or will I get a lot of side-eye? I know this is not possible at buffet or all-you-care-to-enjoy meals, but I wanted to split a few lunches (at restaurants like Ale & Compass, Sanaa, or Mama Melrose, where there will be way too much food) and save the credits for a couple of signature dining experiences.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think that would be a problem at all. The only issue would be a drink for both of you. You could always buy one out of pocket. Or, do what my DH does and drink water.

There was a trip report with a woman and her partner and they did tons of 2 credit meals and shared each of them (she had gastric bypass surgery), so I don’t see how you sharing with your son would be a problem.

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Oh, I would love to find that thread, that sounds even more ambitious than my plan! Lol

Thank you. I’m hoping it won’t be a problem, but just wanted to make sure before I make all of these reservations. =)

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I am trying to find it.

Okay yay! I FINALLY figured out how to share it!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to find that!

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My pleasure!

Hey! That’s me! Thanks, @carthy15. I haven’t been on the boards much lately, so I’m glad you were able to find my trip report. @brenbury: If you have questions, let me know. We figured out how to get the most out of the DDP and have some amazing meals.


It was an amazing trip report and obviously stuck with me, so thank YOU!

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Having several signature meals and NOT sharing was the only way we could use up so many meals when we’ve done deluxe dining. We just didn’t need 3 full meals a day. It was really fun though to have the plan. And upgrading from the free plan is a great idea.