Deluxe Dining Plan Questions

A couple of questions about the deluxe dining plan. We are 2 adults/2 kids. We are travelling with another family that is also 2 adults/2kids. Let’s assume we get the Deluxe Dining Plan and they don’t.

  1. If we have dinner together, can we pay for our dinner with credits and they pay out of pocket for theirs? Ex: We go to '50’s Prime Time together, we pay 4 dining credits, they pay cash.

  2. Alternatively, can we use our credits to pay for dinner for the other family not on the plan? Ex: We go to '50’s Prime Time together, we pay 8 dining credits for dinner for all of us.

  3. Are you allowed to share a Table Service meal? Ex: Our family of 4 goes to '50’s Prime Time for lunch, and orders 2 appetizers, 2 entrees, and 2 desserts - and shares it all. Can we just use 2 dining credits?

  4. Does anyone know how child vs. adult credits show up in your account? The Deluxe Dining Plan documentation says guests age 3-9 must order from children’s menu (which I understand they are lax about on the Deluxe Dining Plan) but the documentation otherwise does not suggest a distinction in adult vs. kids credits. That could be read to mean that if a credit is used for a child (as expected) the child would need to order off the children’s menu - but that the credits are otherwise indistinguishable and can be used however you want. For those who have done Deluxe Dining Plans, can you tell the difference between adult and child credits in the account?

  1. Yes, definitely
  2. That depends on the location… it used to be strictly enforced “no more than people on your plan” but it’s been unofficially relaxed and most places we’ve tried it have allowed it. Yak & Yeti was the only one who didn’t.
  3. Yes… during the Food & Wine Festival when I’ve gone with the ladies we’ll get a regular dining plan and just share 2 meals between the 4 of us. This only works at a la carte places though, obviously.
  4. It will have all adult credits in one pool, and child credits in another (so if there are 2 adults and 2 kids for 4 nights you’ll start with 24 adult meal credits, 24 child meal credits and 32 snacks). They do tend to be lax about the age requirements with the deluxe plan, but be sure you ask nicely, and they will have a problem if you sit down with an extra 2 adults, and then try to order 4 adult meals with credits and pay out of pocket for the 2 kids. We’ve generally only used that freedom if there was really nothing on the kids menu that my niece wanted.
  1. Yes, you’ve always been able to mix DDP and non-DDP guests at a table.

  2. Disney basically officially relaxed the rules on this last spring. You should be able to use as many credits at one time as you wish.

  3. Most places. Via Napoli I know is a big exception.

  4. Like CS credits on the basic and quick service plans, and also same as snack credits, deluxe credits are pooled with no distinction between adult and child credits. This has been true since at least 2007, possible earlier.

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I agree with everything you said! Great catch about Via Napoli!