Deluxe dining plan question

Hi so we are booked and in the past we always did just the regular dining plan and a couple years ago when we went was when they did the one snack and u got dessert with your quick service. We are doing the deluxe this time and I was looking online and they had gotten rid of dessert which is fine no biggie, but yesterday I got my little customized packet for our trip and it says for deluxe and quick service u get entree and dessert. Does anyone know which is true, online or my book.


Hi, the way I interpreted the website is for the Deluxe Plan you get appetizer, entree, drink and dessert still. Others can verify. We were thinking of getting this plan for the next trip. But so much food, I’m sure yet!

Using DDP, you get the following for the different types of meals

  • TS: appetizer, entree, dessert, and beverage — only lunch and dinner has the apps and dessert
  • Buffet: Full buffet
  • QS: beverage and entree or combo, no dessert or appetizer

And you can use two points for a signature meal. I considered it for one trip and my plan was to use a snack for breakfast, i TS for lunch, and 2 TSs for signature every night. But seeing as how we virtually never have apps or dessert at lunch, and usually share an app and dessert at dinner, I would be paying for way more food than we would normally eat. OOP, with TIW ended up costing us several hundred dollars less than the DxDP would have cost…

Thanks everyone… that’s what I thought and read but here is what my book says that they sent me yesterday… that is why I got confused.

Also no worry here on DDP deluxe is too much food cuz this trip is basically all about food lmao! My husband and I love to eat and couldn’t imagine what we would spend not having the plan! Though with appetizer and dessert for TS we don’t need a dessert for quick service lol.

Are you using some of your credits for QS? The deluxe plan is three TS meals a day. You can get QS, but I, like @bswan26 said used it for one TS 1 credit and 1 TS 2 credit a day. Two snacks can make a good breakfast .

We r gonna do a little bit of both… we r gonna do TS for all our breakfasts, and then spirit of aloha and then sprinkle some lunch QS maybe and then all TS dinner… it all depends on how much we like the food during food and wine festival… I’m working on the restaurants for our 5 days right now.

My husband and I have gone to Disney multiple times so we aren’t worried about spending too much time dining.

Also we plan on using all our snacks for food and wine prolly

I would never be concerned about using touring time on dining. There is so much great food at wdw- Jiko, Tiffins, HBD, Cali Grill, Artist Point, Flying Fish-never mind the fine dining at Disney Spring. Only you know what is best for you but I would never trade a 40-50 dollar value (app, entree, dessert and drink) for a $15 QS meal.


Everything that @PrincipalTinker said!!!

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I can see how that was confusing. It said basically what I said, only less succinctly. We only had 1 QS while on our trip, and in actuality it wasn’t even mine. LOL! On AK day, my husband didn’t do TH breakfast with me and my daughter, and then my daughter wasn’t hungry for lunch so she went a-snacking while my DH and I had lunch at TH. So we ended up sharing two QS at Cookes of Dublin our last night. Worked out well for us. In fact, my peeps were so tired of 3 meals a day that we changed our lunch at Akershus to a signature lunch at Brown Derby on our last day and skipped a meal on Friday. It was a lot of food for both of my eat-like-a-bird peeps. However, next time we may plan on snacks for lunch, a TS for breakfast and signature dining for dinner. A lot less running to meet ADRs in my opinion. (I love breakfast way too much to use snacks for breakfast.)

I’m def thinking breakfast (my fav meal of the day lol) and dinners… sprinkle some TS lunches but I’m sure our Epcot days our lunch can be food and wine and then we will have 2 TS to use on places like Le Cellier

Are you getting eating at any signature restaurants? For each person three TS credits a day (lunch and dinner includ appetizer and dessert for each person) and shared 40 snack credits is a lot. For food and wine we always use credits for the booths. We will get multiple items and then share so that we can taste everything. Five items per person (20 a trip) would give you two meals at Food and Wine for everyone in your party.

So we are rooming with my brother and his wife so we each will have 30/20… we are going to do a couple signatures cuz I know we won’t sit down for lunch during our Epcot days. We do eat ALOT of food though lol… nobody else in our total party of 6 eat like my husband and I do but we are both power lifters so we eat so much lol!!! I’ve been trying to figure out where we r gonna eat and everything and he wants sit down for breakfast lunch and dinner hahaha. I’m thinking with 2 lunches worth at food and wine and us not using a credit for breakfast when we get there, I think we will b left to do 3 signature option… one will be spirit of aloha.