Deluxe Dining Plan and MVT (2 rooms)

Hi all,

I have 2 rooms at Pop for May 2019 through MVT agency exclusive. I will contact my agent in the am, but, are there any major drawback to adding a dining plan through them? I.e. anything you lose out on if your room only becomes a package? Or is it still a room only just plus dining? We already have tickets through Boardwalk Ticketing. I plan to add Deluxe Dining plan for just one of our 2 rooms. I’m thinking the best choce is the room with 1 adult and 2 kids, vs the room with 2 adults (DD11-NOT a big eater!) and 1 kid?

Thanks for your advice! Like I said I will ask my agent but you all are so fast thought I’d post here while I’m thinking about it. Who knows when I’ll have time for a phone call!

Hi! You will convert the room only to a package, but with an MVT exclusive I am not sure if that actually changes anything. Do you have two reservation numbers? To do the deluxe plan in one room I believe you need two numbers.

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Yes, two reservation numbers! Thank you!

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I did the same exact thing but we had already purchased convention rate tickets through MVT. I put the deluxe dining plan on the one room that had a child in it (of course my 11 year old is considered an adult eventhough he would never eat an adult amount of food!) So I think it is a good way to help spread those dining credits. I’m not sure if a package vs room only cancellation policy is different but that is the only change I can think may happen.