Deluxe Dining Credit Sharing Updates

Hello! I am going to the world in June and have a DxDP. My parents will also be going and have a separate room, staying on site as well. I would like to treat my parents to meals while on this trip, but have gotten conflicting information about whether or not i can do this. Even Disney has had conflicting information. I called and was told no, i can only use my credits for those in my room. Others on other boards have emails from Disney that say it’s ok - you can use your entitlements to pay for anyone at the table. The Mom’s panel has several posts that also say it is ok. However there have been many reports that folks are not being able to use their credits this way, and many others that say they are not having any problems at all. I’m trying to see if there are any current examples, particularly of those that have been challenged about using their credits to pay for others, and have produced the email from Disney that says it is ok, and that email being honored. Thanks!!

I think if Disney has a problem with it they should specify credits as adult or child. Otherwise they are basically telling everyone they want them to buy the plan and not use all the credits.

True, in this situation however, all the credits will be adult credits, being used for adult meals. There are no children on my plan. Essentially i want to pre-pay for the meals by purchasing the DxDP and then use these credits to pay for my parents’ meals. The problem is that Disney is sporadically not allowing this to occur, and is giving conflicting info if it is even allowed. I’m hoping that if i have an email from Disney that says this is ok, that the email will be honored while i am there if i am challenged.

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Then there really should not be a problem with doing that. Hopefully we stop seeing anyone have problems doing it.

I have heard that people are mostly be challenged at restaurants in Hollywood Studios over this, particularly Hollywood and Vine.


The ones I’ve heard is H&V, 50s Prime Time, Ohana, and Frontera Cocina.

I have followed these discussions closely, since I’m planning to do the same in August. I have heard NO problems sharing credits when they are all adult credits. Only when people have paid for a kid on the DxDP and then paying for adult meals have I heard of problems.

I called WDW DINE because I was hoping to share credits with family members staying in another room. First the CM told me I could do it and then she decided to check with someone else and came back and said No. So, I emailed Disney and asked. I got back an email saying that the credits were only for guests on that reservation. This would be the only way I could at least break even on the dining plan.

We shared with my in-laws last week and had zero issues (as my travel agent predicted). We did not eat at H&V, but twice at Ohana & Kona, as well as Artist Point, Liberty Tree, & Chef Mickeys - (plenty of QS mixed in too). I really liked being able to choose TS or QS instead of one each on the Regular Dining plan. Deluxe DP also includes apps at some restaurants (like sushi). We did save about 20% off on food as well. I will suggest planning to use snacks each day - we used every credit with no stressing at the end and enjoying an extra mickey bar, etc when it was super hot. Good luck, hope you have the same experience.

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Thank you for sharing your experience! This sounds encouraging.

I received an email from Disney today with the below message. So I’m hoping all should go well. Thanks all for the updates.

Thank you for contacting the Walt Disney World® Resort!

We are so happy to hear you are planning a vacation with us! We appreciate and understand your request to make your vacation as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

You will be happy to know you can explain that to your server and they will be happy to allocate it that for you.

We hope this clarifies your request and we look forward to seeing you real soon!

If you have any other questions or challenges, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling us at 407-W-DISNEY (407-934-7639) or by chatting with us in the Help Center of the Walt Disney World® website (only available on the US site). Cast Members will be happy to assist you further.


eCommerce Sales and Service Team

PLEASE NOTE: All information is subject to change without notice and should be confirmed just prior to your visit.

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