Deluxe Accommodations for 5?

Have deluxe resorts always accommodated 5? Or has it changed due to recent renovations? I'm wondering if DVC has plans to make studios accommodate 5? It would be nice . . .

Poly, YC, GF I know accommodate 5. I think CR as well, and since YC does, probably BC too. At WL you'd have to book a deluxe CL to fit 5. Same goes for AKL I believe.

We stayed at BC in 2012 and had to get a rollaway. Have the renovated since then? We were in a standard CL room.

Don't think so, I just ASSumed smile since YC has some rooms that fit 5, BC would as well.

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Well I know at the time, I too assumed they would fit 5. We only have 4 in the family, but the 2 kids have to sleep apart - there's too much fighting otherwise, and they wake each other up at the crack of dawn, then spend the day cranky. BC had no problem getting us a rollaway though, and that was over President's day weekend, when they were at 100% capacity. So I'm sure they're aware it's an issue.

Oops, sorry, one more comment - I can verify that CR can accommodate 5 as well. They have the same day beds as the Poly.

The VWL studios now accomodate 5 with a small fold-down bed.

LOL sounds exactly like my kids!! I'm booked at YC; it has some regular rooms with daybeds, but not all have them. That's the extent of my knowledge. smile

VWL Studios now accomodate 5 via a small fold-down bed.

Have stayed at YC and BC as a family of 5 I'm standard rooms - they both have rooms that sleep 5 but you need to request a room with two doubles and a day bed.

We also have siblings that fight if they share a bed, only strategy that works for us is to exhaust them so they fall asleep straight away!