Delta Hotel

Hey hey. I’m scouting out Priceline deals for my trip and it looks like Delta Hotel Orlando is my best bet. I’ve checked out the TripAdvisor reviews which look decent, but just wanted to se if anyone here has any personal experience. Tagging @TarHeelTiff since it looks like she stayed here recently.

I haven’t stayed there personally, but it’s in a really great location for an offsite hotel. You can easily take the Orlando Lynx 50 to DS or TTC. It looks nice enough from the road.

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thank you! it’s a darn good deal right now, so it’s super tempting


The name would put me off :flushed::flushed:

(Totally joking, but lol :rofl::rofl::rofl:).


I tried searching for Delta hotel in the forum and it was nearly impossible to sort through the Delta airline comments, so I just gave up and made a post :joy:


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That went over my head :joy: I’m so sorry. You’ll have to explain it to me if you care to. Do it in a PM so I don’t need to be as embarrassed :wink:

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Also I would not stay at the Omicron Resort and Spa


Delta variant!!! :mask::mask:
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PS I just jealous if your head didn’t immediately go there!! You have a much better outlook than I :yellow_heart::laughing:


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I only drink good beer.


It’s okay, it’s the joke that keeps on giving! :joy::rofl: thank you also to @OBNurseNH and @jennyturin


The Delta hotel was a great value! Super convenient location to the parks and especially Disney Springs. They had a decent bar in the lobby and the rooms were comfortable. Didn’t use the pool but it looked pretty good as well. If you can get a good deal on it, I would definitely stay again.


Thank you so much! Did you drive to and from parks or use Uber when you stayed there?

Parked at the hotel and used car to drive to the parks. Have an AP so didn’t have to worry about paying for parking twice at least, which would be the annoying part of offsite.
Would probably be pretty simple to get ubers from there and it’s so close that they wouldn’t be much.

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We’re planning to drive, but some of the reviews mentioned that the hotel is in an awkward spot that makes it frustrating to turn in to, and I worry about my husband’s sensibilities when he’s driving :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy: do you recall that at all?

It is on a road with a divided highway so you can only turn right into the lot from 535. It’s also right where the right turn lane to the DS hotel Blvd starts too so I’d agree it is awkward, but not difficult.

I paid very close attention to that hotel on my visit to the urgent care practically right behind it in December. I have booked and cancelled the hotel so many times over the years.


Well it’s always nice to be close to an urgent care! :rofl: you just never know!

Thank you for the road info!


Exactly as @LTinNC82 said. Can only turn in one way, but that’s the case for most places in that area and was not difficult at all to make the U Turn if you come in from the “wrong” way.