Delta-flight change

Has anyone had success extending their trip a day without paying a fortune. We’re flying delta and we’re supposed to leave Thursday but we love to stay until Friday! Any advice?

I think the only way this would happen is due to overcrowding of the flight but that wouldn’t happen until you get to the airport. In my experience with Delta (and most airlines honestly), they will charge you an arm and a leg to change your flight

I had luck extending my Delta flight by a few hours, but only because they changed the departure time. They allowed me to change it for free. Maybe if your flight gets changed they’ll let you?

I believe you can, under certain circumstances. My delta flight got moved half an hour earlier which had us checking out of our hotel at 5.30 am to make it. I tried to move it to a later time but couldn’t because it had a connection. To change the connection was going to cost 975 per child and 775 per adult because they had given us another option.

I’m hoping they have another change between now and when we go!

UGH! My initial flight had been a direct flight, so when they bumped it to take off three HOURS earlier, we were able to reschedule closer to our original departure time. That ended up giving us a layover, with of course no refund for the non direct flight, but at least we can still get some “vacation time” in on our last day. I was told that as long as the flight is moved by Delta by one hour or more, they will adjust for no cost. Hopefully it will work out for you!

Do make sure to call as soon as the flight changes though if you get that window of opportunity. I waited once and they refused to move us to the earlier flight since I didn’t call immediately. Even though by the time I called the earlier flight wanted wasn’t sold out and ours was oversold they still wanted $250 per ticket to change - I passed and instead they paid some people not to get on our flight when the time came since they overbooked, despite me offering to help them out a day or two prior…

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I’m having this same issue. Delta just moved our departure flight up by 6 hours. We were supposed to leave at 5:34pm and were going to squeeze in one last half day, but now our flight leaves at 11:40am. Needless to say, I am NOT HAPPY. I guess I will try to call to see if there are any later options that we could pick since they moved our flight by 6 hours.

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