Delivery Charges to Resort

So, we are 9 days out and I’m getting my order together from Walmart. I just saw that the resort charges $5.00 a box if you have groceries delivered? So, if I ordered 2 cases of water would that be an additional $10.00? I have other items in my cart as well. I’m just trying to figure out what the resort charges.

If I order from Amazon Now, does the resort charge the $5.00 for them too?

Where are you staying?

There is no charge for deliveries which are received by Bell Services. This includes fresh food services like Garden Grocer and Amazon Prime Now. Deliveries which are delivered via mail or courier will incur a $5 charge per package.

In your case, I expect Walmart to deliver to Bell Services. You therefore should not be charged.

Note that exceptions to the above have been reported, but what I have described is the official policy. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

The only place that ever charged me a fee to receive a package was the Contemporary. They have a kinkos or something in the business/convention area that takes in UPS packages.

Everyother resort (AKL, BW, Pop, POFQ) recieved at bell services and there was no charge.

Can confirm there was no charge for Animal Kingdom, Art of Animation and Wilderness lodge.

If you are not sure maybe call guest services if staying onsite or the hotel you’re at if offsite and request clarification on if it is per delivery or per box?

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We are staying at AoA and I actually tried calling yesterday and was transferred three times and the fourth time it rang and rang and rang. No one ever answered. I’ll just place my order and whatever it costs it costs. I know it will be cheaper than buying it all inside the parks :wink: