Deleting Personalized Plans

Is there a way to delete personalized plans from my profile? I don’t like the cluttered look of having so many plans but I can’t seem to figure out how to do it. Possibly from the full site?

Yep. Website.

You can only delete personalized plans thru the TP website. Go there, make sure you are signed in, then find the link to your personalized plans list. You should see a delete option next to them.

Thanks! My OCD won’t allow me to ignore them lol

I must be going blind … where is that option? On the dashboard? within the plan itself? they are multiplying so fast :smile:

I am also trying to figure out how to delete a personalized plan while using my iPad. Just subscribed and am finding touringplans more difficult to use than I anticipated. An help would be appreciated.

I had trouble with this myself a couple months back. You can’t delete from the Lines app. Get onto Touring Plans on your computer: pick “personalized plans.” They’ll be listed in a right-hand column. Next to each plan name will be a delete button. I’m pretty sure there’s a delete button next to each plan name that appears on your Dashboard page as well. I haven’t tried to do this from my ipad BUT on a related note, I’ve found it much easier to edit plans on my laptop than my ipad. On the laptop, I can click and hold an attaction’s “edit” button and then swipe to rearrange its order in my plan. This function doesn’t work for me on my ipad.

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Thank you for the information! Its definitely easier to use the laptop which is disappointing. With the summer heat I’d rather use my iPad. Hope we see updates real soon that make the iPad more practical and easy to use.