Deleting a Touring Plan

I accidentally created two touring plans for one day. How do I delete one of them? I am trying to simplify my dashboard.

I know if you go in on a computer into “Personalized Plans” there is a delete link next to each one. I’ve deleted several plans that I’ve been playing with and they always disappear from my dashboard when I delete them that way. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Ahhh! Thanks!!

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Is this still true? I cant find it and the dashboard starts to fill with too many “what if” options … any chance for screen shoot?

Found them … so not what I expected … they are at the right button part of the screen in the dashboard page. One would think it should be on the dashboard (where you add plans, you should be able to remove) but its not … its right side button of the screen.

For the next generation to come …:slight_smile: