Delete TP?

Is there a way to delete my daily TP? I have way too many and it is starting to confuse me! TIA!

When you are on your dashboard, look across the top at the options and hover over “Touring Plans”, the last option is “personalized touring plans” click on that.
All your touring plans are listed on the right and each on has a “delete” button under it.

Be careful and make sure you delete the right one.
I always open the touring plan I want to keep and edit the title and add *** in front of my title so I know which one NOT to delete :smile:
I hope this makes sense :+1:

I believe you have to be on a computer looking at your dashboard.

when on a computer go to your dashboard scroll all the way to the bottom and in the bottom right corner you’ll see the list of your TPs - there’s an option at the end of the title of each TP to delete. Click there.