Delete tickets from MDE/Magic Bands? E-Ticket vs Physical?

I have been careful to book everything that has a no penalty cancellation just in case. Airline, hotel, ADRs…all can be canceled a week out with no penalty. I’m worried about needing to make a trip cancellation once I buy my tickets so a couple questions:

  1. Is it EVER possible to resell an e-ticket?
  2. Once a ticket (whether Electronic or Physical) goes into MDE, is it locked to me forever? Obviously I’ll want to do this 60 days out for FPP.
  3. Does linking a ticket to a magic band make it any more or less difficult to resell the ticket vs. just bringing into MDE?

Is anyone aware of an authorized reseller selling 3-day base magic your way physical tickets? Unfortunately Undercover Tourist only sells this one flavor as email delivery.