Decreasing # of dining party in ADR

I thought our friends might join us for a few days, and made many of my ADR’s for a party of 6 to be safe… but now they are definitely not and it will just be a party of 4… Tried to go in and change the ressie, but it treats it like a new search and most of the time (especially with hard to get ADR’s like Sci-Fi, Ohanas & BOG) it treats it like a new search and either offers me a new time or says no times available at all. If I call, will they be able to change it easily or will I run into the same issue and possibly jeopardize my chosen times? I’d like to do the right thing and give advance notice that it will just by my family of 4 now, but not risk messing up my plans 20 days out!

You can call but you can also just leave it. There is no penalty if you show up with four and maybe a walk up with get a table. Or- have you tried to modify the reservation from a browser?

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Definitely leave it. We were in a similar situation when we went last April (our friends were able to come but not for all the days I had ADRs). I did end up re-arranging a lot of the ADRs but was never able to find a CRT or BOG on dates they could be with us so we kept the originals with the larger group. I was worried about the same thing but my our friends who are AP holders & WDW regulars said not to be. Even so, on our first MK day I went up to the CRT desk & let them know that our ADR in a few days would have less people. They said there wasn’t anything I needed to do and were completely unconcerned that I would have less people in the group than I had reserved.

Yes, I tried on the regular website, but when you modify the # in the party, it tries to search for a new reservation… lousy system!

This is good to hear! Thanks for sharing your experience… it makes me feel a little better! :slight_smile: