Declining magicbands

I’ve declined magicbands many times, but on the new version of MDE I’m not seeing anywhere to decline. I clink on a name and it just comes up with the choices of color etc. I have a 3-way split stay with 5 people coming up and I definitely don’t need all those new magicbands.

I think the only place to do it these days is through online check in. FYI- online check in seems to only be working on the app these days.

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Thanks @PT That’s exactly what I just found. The website didn’t work for check in but the app did. And during the check in process, I was able to edit the Magicbands section and click the box to decline.

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I’m having trouble getting online checkin to work. This is a common problem?

It only works in the app for most people, are you trying there? My son could only get it to work after he linked a credit card.

I was only able to get it to work through the app. I had to remove my credit card from mde and the website. Then it let me through. Online checkin complete!

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Declining MagicBands does not seem to work. My last two trips (Jan. & Feb.) I declined them in my online check-in, yet still got notifications that MagicBands were waiting for me at the resort to be picked up on arrival. I have numerous active bands and don’t need/want more. We’ll see what happens for my trip next month – for which I have declined them again.

I was thinking about making magic band garland for the Christmas tree

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I’ve had the same thing happen. Just got the notification that they would be waiting at the resort for me despite declining.