Declining housekeeping for gift card

I heard about this as a test over the summer. Does anyone have a recent experience with this? Is it only happening at certain resorts?

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I did this at POP 10/21-25 and got a $30 gift card. I asked at the front desk though, don’t know if it is offered unless you ask as I check in online and go straight to the room.

When we booked the Dolphin, skipping housekeeping was an option on the reservation form. I think the reward was either $5/day or bonus spg point upon checkout.

Hmm - I didn’t OPT OUT at the Swan - but housekeeping seemed to think I had.
I think this is a great option and can help everyone out.
Personally I am an A Type neatnic and my wife is even worse (she refers to me as the sloppy one). Is it wrong that I iron the bed sheets?

We certainly keep our room neat - everyting away etc. However do enjoy coming back to a freshly made bed, new towels and just a general “refershing” of the room. If I didn’t care so much - I think the Opt out with $$ is a great idea

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We leave the room neat, but hotels nowadays so often have those “save the earth /save water- reuse your towels” signs up, so we usually do. I like empty trash cans, but I also like not having anyone else in our room.

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I was given the offer at POFQ in September. I checked in online. We had a flight stop in Atlanta, and I happened to get a call (in that 20 minutes) asking me if I wanted to participate. We stayed 8 nights and got a $70 e-gift card.

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The pilot/test program is still on. I checked in this morning and hot $30 for opting out of housekeeping.

We often just leave our “Do not disturb” sign up, so if they offered this to us, we’d certainly take it. It’s a nice option, especially if you can still go to the desk and get extra towels, as needed.

So, I’m curious how this will work yet they are also saying they will check the rooms daily b/c of the Vegas shooting incident??

Do Not Disturb signs were removed in early January.

Now there are “room occupied” signs to use when you are in there.

BUT if you decline housekeeping, your room will still be inspected daily. Thank the Las Vegas shooter for this.

Are they doing this for DVC as well or only normal stays?

I would forgo housekeeping for 3-4 days to get a gift card! How do you know if your hotel is participating?

Just ask at the front desk and they’ll let you know if the resort is participating. I did it in December and January at Pop Century. In January my room was checked daily (I happened to spend most of my trip getting over an ear infection and the flu so I spent more time in my resort room than I usually do).

They asked me during the check in process at Pop Century.

I was offered it and accepted it at Coronado Springs two weeks ago. We were given a $40 gift card for opting out. Seems like the gift card price keeps going down. We only had to get towels one time but they came really quick.

How many nights were you there?

I was there 5 nights!

$40 is correct then. It is $10 for each night minus one as they have to clean on your check-out day.

Oh ok cool! Thanks!

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Do you have to opt out for the entire time, or just a certain # of days. We’ll be there 9 nights. That’s a little too long to not have the trash removed.