Decisions, desicions

  • AKL Std ($742 more)
  • CSR Pref ($334.70 more)
  • CBR King ($330.75 more)
  • POR Royal Std ($287 more)
  • POR King ($89.10 more)
  • POR Woods ($4.50 less)
  • Pop Std with hopper and Genie+ ($282.82 less)
  • Stick with POFQ Garden

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Debating lodging for my August 20-26 trip. I’m currently booked in a Garden View at POFQ. Admittedly, POFQ is not my favorite - I’m not a fan or New Orleans in general, and the last time I stayed there (the only time) it was not the best experience - starting with being literally in the furthest room from the lobby in spite of requesting a room close as I was arriving around 1am. (I still believe that someone who arrived before me fussed and got moved to my assigned room because I find it very hard to believe that was the only room available at booking.) I’m usually a believer in giving things a second change (after all, last year CSR redeemed itself), but I looked at some options with the D+ discount. They’re above with the price difference …

My main concern with CBR (normally my favorite mod) and Pop is that I think late August is in prime thunderstorm season and I worry about the Skyliner being down more often. I’m also hesitant to book a Value for fear of the tour groups.

POR is kind of in the same category of hesitancy with theming as POFQ, but…I’ll consider it.

CSR I do love, but I’d only do preferred as I know that Casitas is the first bus stop going to the parks. (And the Tower rooms are even more than AKL.)

I love the thought of AKL and extra evening hours, but that is a LOT of extra money.

UGH! Help!!

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This was absolutely our experience when we went in August. So, I agree with you there.

Personally, I think sticking where you are or the closely priced POR options are the way to go, if it were me.

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I voted POR woods because some of those extra coats seemed high. I saw too many very angry people last summer, especially at EP when weather caused the SL to be down most of the time. The EP issue is that without warning you find yourself outside of the gate at IG and you have to re-enter EP and walk all the way to the front.


In that situation I would walk to BC and take the first bus that arrived - to wherever that might be - and change to my resort bus there.

They gotta solve that problem. It’s really inexcusable


I voted pop but i take it back bkz storms. No royal room. A long walk to buses. POR theming is tame compared with pofq but then u have multiple bus stops. Hmmm. Stay.

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In the pouring rain that can be a long walk too. It is quicker than waiting more than an hour for them to start sending buses to HS/EP. HS has the same issue for EP area resorts. My sister would not walk with me (I might have a history of multiple near lightning misses).


I think I would stick to POFQ or Pop (knowing that the Skyline could be problematic due to weather).

POR was a family favorite for many years due to the theming in Alligator Bayou. Unfortunately, the AB rooms have suffered from the sanitization of the resorts and lost a lot of their theming so I can’t recommend it anymore. :cry:

If you are trying to decide between POR and POFQ, I would lean towards POFQ because as far as you felt you were during your POFQ visit, POR could be twice as far as the resort is huge.


Not sure what you mean here. Rooms aren’t allocated at booking, they’re allocated sometime from 3 weeks out. Not to say someone didn’t get given the room that matched your request though.

I think she meant check-in.



Yes, they are allocated before, but if people are not happy with their location, they can (and often will) go to the front desk and ask (demand?) to be changed to another room. If the text for later arriving rooms have not gone out yet, the desk CMs can and will change the allocation of rooms, putting the person in front of them in a “better” room and moving the later arrivals to the “less desirable” rooms.


Yes, I think this happens often.

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I would stick with POR Garden if that’s the resort you want to be at. Exception being if you for some reason wanted the Woods view since that’s nominally less.

However, I voted for Pop Standard with hopper and Genie+ because it’s less and you get the extra value on your ticket, which personally I would prefer. But it sounds like you value the room/resort more than the ticket add-ons? That’s the key question.


I’d like to have at least hopper added on - not sure how necessary G+ will be in late August, especially if it’s like last year, and theoretically I can do that now. I just tossed the G+ on since it’s so much less.

I am worried about having to spend that much difference in Lyft/Uber (and at surge pricing) if the Skyliner goes down for lightning - knowing that transportation with busses is at least a little more reliable than the Skyliner in the case of weather is really the more valued thing.

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Yeah, initially my flight was going to be a connection due in after midnight, so I was REALLY debating switching then to prevent the same thing from happening. But I was able to switch it to one getting in about 6:30pm - still not perfect, but better than after midnight…I’m going to keep an ear out for an earlier one. So that helped me not jump to change immediately.

Would garden put you Magnolia Bens and Woods in Alligator Bayou?

Looks like there are Woods in mansions and Bayou. I don’t see a Garden category in the room finder at POR - just Standard, Woods, River, Pool, Preferred, and King with Royal options for most of those.

The Garden room I have booked is at FQ.

There used to be a garden view at POR (years ago) but that might have been before the Royal Rooms and might have been mainly those buildings.

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Could be. I was just going by the caterories in the TP room finder maps.

I’m hesitant to vote b/c I haven’t stayed at many of these, but I did enjoy Pop the one time we were there. That was pre skyliner. We enjoyed the bowling ball pin shaped pool. My one thing to add is that we’ve stayed at values and didn’t have any trouble with tour groups. But, we were not there in summer.

I know its a lot more money, but one of the reasons i prefer deluxe 90% of the time is because i don’t want to have to walk outdoors across a property to get to my room in the rain. So i voted AKL knowing that its unlikely to be chosen.

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