Decisions, Decisions

I know that this is a super specific question, but I could use some help… We are going to be at Disney the week after Thanksgiving this year. The are a lot of Christmas Parties that week and our only chance at a non party day at MK (so that we can see all of the parades and fireworks) would be Monday, Nov 26th. I am seeing where that Monday is predicted to be very busy. What do you guys think would be better (we have a 1yr old and 3 yr old), going on a lighter crowd day, having to leave at 6pm or going on a busier day with a later closing time and HEA fireworks? We will be attending one of the MVMCPs if that helps with advice. Thank you so much!

Do you have park hoppers?

I would go on a lighter crowd day with kids that age. If you just tour RD-mid afternoon you can get lots done for them and then you’ll have more time at MVCMP at night as well. HEA is pretty great, but you’d at least get to see the holiday fireworks at the party.

I would pick a day with the MVMCP since crowds should be better overall.

With kids that age, I would go a party day for lighter crowds.

I also would choose the lighter crowd daynwith early finish with small kids.

I would go on a party day. If you have park hopper tickets, you could consider going to the fireworks Monday night if your family is up for it.

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