Decisions, decisions… Edit: Decision Made!

  • Poly Standard View @ $593/night
  • AKL Jambo House Savanna View @ $589/night
  • AKL Kidani Savanna View Studio @ $589/night
  • Boardwalk Villas Garden/Pool View @ $528/night
  • Beach Club Villas Studio @ $482/night
  • Copper Creek Villas Studio (walk-in shower or regular) @ $404/night

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Trying to decide where to stay in August for my trip. These are my options right now (probably the only ones I’d ponder - exception being adding on Poly Standard View Studio if that shows up as it is usually the same price as the Standard View room).

Currently booked at the Poly Standard View room. Staying 5 nights (no, I do NOT want to split stay - I like to unpack and settle in) with a 5-day ticket. Currently not with hoppers, but I could justify the cost if I were to go with one of the less expensive options. As a note, I’m looking at the last week in August - a week which was totally dead this past year, and reportedly is usually pretty low crowds.
I do want to try and stick with a Deluxe or Villa resort in case the extra evening hours are still going on.


ETA- I left Studio off the Boardwalk option

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OR there is AKL Standard View at $429/night or $444/night for a King - and I could request and hope hope hope for a partial Savanna View…

I picked AKL Jambo Savanna View simply because you were just at Poly, albeit the DVC side.


What do you think your trip will
Look like in August?

I’d maybe lean towards AKL Savannah if you’ll be at your early some.

Current reservations are: AK, Studios, MK, Epcot, AK with Springs on departure day. But I’m flexible with those. Probably Springs for dinner one night (either Studios night or an AK night)

I know I won’t need more than one Studios day - and TBH that will be a partial day as I need to do nothing Star Wars and am only lukewarm on Toy Story (so that being the day I cut to Springs for dinner makes sense).

How much do you prefer novelty vs something t you know you like? Where have you stayed in the past, did you enjoy it, and why?

Will you be relying on Disney transportation or will you have a vehicle?

I know AKL gets a lot of love on here, but it just doesn’t have much appeal for me, unless I was planning on a lot of resort time. Wildeness/CC doesn’t call to me either. I liked Poly a lot when we stayed there? But sounds like you’ve stayed there recently. I like the EPCOT area resorts a lot

I stayed in a Poly studio in February - so while the location is not new, I’d be in one of the Moana rooms. I stayed with my parents at AKL a long time ago - I think we had standard but overlooked the Savanna with a “people pen” in the view. Beach Club Villas, Boardwalk Villas, and Copper Creek Villas would all be new to me - Boardwalk was never an option before due to that stupid clown that is gone so I know the least about it; I’m not totally sold on the WL theme, but so many seem to love it…and it does have good food options.

I’ve usually stayed at Moderates (I’ve hit them all - would only return to CBR or CSR as I’m weird and don’t like the themeing at POR or POFQ) or Values (only one I’ve never stayed at is Movies) - but as I said, I’m willing to splurge on this trip since the Deluxes and Villas get those extra evening hours assuming they continue. But you can see I’ve stayed in a lot - some repeated others not.

Being late August, I’m hoping I hit a night for whatever Halloween thing they are doing (another reason the park reservations could change).

Disney transportation and my feet. I have not driven since I sold my car as I moved to NYC in 2006 so the craziness of Orlando and the WDW area is NOT where I want to start again. Also living in NYC I am used to public transportation so busses - even standing on them - don’t bother me. That is everyday life and NOT a big deal.

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I’d do Beach Club or Boardwalk. A resort you’ve never stayed at + the awesome location of the EPCOT resorts (that you’ve also not stayed at)would seal the deal for me. I’m not sure I’d pay an extra $40/night for BW, so I’d do BC.

I’d trade the savings for Hopper tix so you can take advantage of the food options at EPCOT.


And I picked Cooper Creek because I’ve never stayed there LOL.


I picked Copper Creek because the model I saw in 2018 was awesome. Sleek, double duty stuff - don’t ask me what specifically. Very cleverly done is what I remember.

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The problem with AKL compared with all the others is transportation. How much time will you be spending in your room viewing the savannah?

Oh, and CC has transportation issues, too, obvs.

Again, I live in NYC. I am used to public transportation and having to wait or stand on it.

Also, there is no resort that does not involve transportation to SOMEwhere.

As for spending time in the room… I have learned that I do not have to be an open to close park goer. Breaks are good. So wherever I stay, I will likely be spending some time in the room or at the resort. (Otherwise the “how much time” argument would put me at a Value. And negate the evening hours Deluxe and Villas get.)

Thanks all! I’ve emailed my TA to ask her to please change me to a Beach Club Studio. Given that it seems F&W seems like it will be happening in some form (assuming things hold true) and since I have hoppers this time, it makes the most sense. Plus even if F&W isn’t going on in some form there are enough options at Epcot as-is. (Plus it’ll give me more wiggle room to get Space 220 potentially without rearranging park days.)

If BCV is gone by morning, I think I may take a chance on CCV for something totally different.


Copper Creek is THE BEST!!! Hands down my top choice always. (And the transportation doesn’t bother us either, as fellow New Yorkers :blush:)


The main reason it is second choice is I feel like if I wanted the PNW feel I would just go to the PNW.

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Yeah, but… CC is just SO relaxing. Like, being in the courtyard with the rocks and stream and geyser… I just love it there so much. That said, Beach Club is also great. Can’t really go wrong either way!

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I’m just more an ocean outdoorsy person. Woods don’t really do it for me. I’m too worried about nope ropes and other creepy crawlies. Lol.

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All booked at BCV Studio!! :slight_smile: Request configured!!