Deciding to spend New years 2016 at MK or Epcot

Our first time planning a disney trip during New years and we are debating on where to spend new years eve… Its not easy since you can see the fireworks at MK on the 30th but some say its not the same experience. Epcot you able to enjoy more but fireworks aren’t as spectacular as MK… trying find which park and why… thank you for taking the time to respond :smile:

My personal vote would be whichever is handing out Xanex to deal with the crowds lol.


Well, if having a drink (or 2) is part of your New Year celebrations, then the choice is easy - Epcot.

True but my wife and I are not drinkers but the other family that we are going with are but we haven’t desided to stay together or split up and just do MK… Thank you for your feedback :smile:

You couldn’t pay me enough to go to Epcot on NYE . People being sick queues for the port a potties. Strong recommend to avoid. Suggest you try to find some reviews online .Also parks will close due to capacity at times.

We will also be at WDW on New Year’s Eve and are trying to decide what we want to do. I had originally thought it would be fun to go to the California Grill and celebrate there, but then someone from this forum informed me about the cost and menu. Way out of our comfort zone! We will watch the MK fireworks and eat at CK on another night. I wonder if the cost and menu are the same on Dec. 30th?

Now I’m thinking about going to the Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue on NYE instead. When the show is over we can either hang out at that resort and ring in the new year there, or head back to our own resort, POFQ. I’m still concerned, however, about travel times between locations and am also unsure about what festivities are being held at the two resorts. I realize that this won’t be as impressive as the EP or MK experiences, but hopefully will still be fun and unique.

I know its suppose to be crazy croweded but we are in for the experience thats why we don’t know which one to do :smile:

My wife and I have been looking at forums and online to see best location to be. We are planning to stay at POLY… which also has been stated to be a great place to be during the fireworks (but why stay at the beautiful peacful hotel when we can immerse ourselves in the experience… why watch the game when you can play in it)

MK does do their fireworks on the 30th and 31st but we heard it doesn’t have the same feel as being there on the 31st. Epcot on the other hand has about 4 or 5 celebration depending which location… so you have a little bit more room to move around.

what we have read about travel its a nightmare… the advice they recommend just to stay where you are and know its going to be a very late night. In your case you would be traveling between resorts if your using disney transport to get to your destination you have to travel to a park and switch there and you would be waiting in lines for those leaving and going to the parks.

Eating will be expensive that entire week so i don’t see things being cheaper a day before. Either way its experience that is not to be forgotten in good or bad ways :smile: