Deciding on some extra pixie dust

We have enough in our budget to comfortably add one more “once in a lifetime” fun extra to our celebration trip. I’ve already purchased EMM for fantasyland, which we are so excited about! In general I am not thrilled about the in-park dessert party experiences. However recently we learned about the Pirate Pals Dessert Party and the Ferrytale Fireworks Sparkling Dessert Cruise. My kids really love the idea of both (but I think they are leaning toward Ferrytale, because it’s on a ferry, the desserts look more fun/themed/special (the pirate party has chips and salsa, and prepackaged fruits and veggies etc)) My son used to be really obsessed with Peter Pan and has never had a chance to meet the characters, and even though he is a moody tween, I saw him light up a little at the thought. So it’s still on the table.

My other thought was the afterhours event at Animal Kingdom. Which is a lot pricier, but not outside our limits. Although, we already have tickets to the park, and we weren’t even going to go originally. We won’t have FPP for FOP because it is only the priority of two people in our party (however I think two others can be convinced to try it) I’m not sure it is worth it and I think my family will knock it off the list first. The times also aren’t stellar with our schedule

So I guess what i want to ask is, are there any other special magical add ons that I haven’t considered? We are also going to Universal (Strictly for Harry Potter… and I’m not interested in upgrading to express there… ) Has anyone done both the Pirate Pals Party and the Ferrytales? We’re mostly looking for something to do on arrival day, or something we can add on to our day in the parks. I thought it would be a great “welcome” to view the fireworks from a boat. It is my mom, me, DH, DS11, DD9, and DD6.

Have you considered a private pontoon boat to watch the fireworks?

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this is a great idea!

You could get FOP for the 2 people who want it and then have a different FP (maybe at a slightly staggered time to get there) for the others.

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I did think about this. But I know the whole group will enjoy Navi River together, and my husband and I won’t be devestated if we don’t get to ride FOP. So I figured I’ll just get Navi and then say we’ll try for whoever wants FOP, maybe get in line right before park close or something. But it does color the worth of the afterhours event. I still have to confer with my family on the fastpass situation, we might split them. I’m concerned because my oldest child has sensory processing disorder, and 3D or 4D type rides and movies are really unpleasant for him