Deciding on a car…

We haven’t 100% decided on driving or flying, but IF we chose to fly -

We will be staying 7 nights at RP (thanks everyone for the advice!) Our original plans were:
3 days at Universal/IOA
1 day Sea World
1 day Busch Gardens
1 rest day

I’ve done one day at Universal Studios and one day Sea World 20 years ago. Otherwise, it’s everyone’s first visit to all. We’ll have my husband, me and our two kids (B13, G7). Three of the four love roller coasters and we all love animals.

If we do Busch Gardens, I’m thinking we’ll have to get a car. So…

  1. Should we rent a car for the week?
  2. Rent a car for the last 1/2 of the trip from within RP? (I didn’t even know this was an option until a bit ago.)
  3. Skip BG this trip and Uber to SW?

I’m struggling with this decision. I like the idea of skipping a car, but not sure if we’ll regret not doing BG. Thoughts? Advice?

Bonus if anyone has rented a car from the resort and can tell me a bit about that process.

I have not rented but in December 2019 I took this picture. The rental counter was right next to the QS in the lobby area. Is it open these days?

I decided to go with a private car service next week since I didn’t want to pay the added parking fee. If it is open, I would do a one day rental for BG. I rented a car a few years ago and did that drive from Kidani and it was an easy drive.

I will look next week and see if it is open and if I can find out anything if it will help.