Decided to Drive

Tallahassee would be a nice drive. You could even make it to Lake City if you started early on Friday, then get good rest and have only a 2.5-3 hour drive into WDW Sat morning. Since I’m getting old, I’m a fan of making arrival day as short a drive as possible if I am then going to walk all day.

We are driving from Tulsa as well the end of September, Google showed up 19 hours, we are looking to break it up over 2 days. We went back and forth over flying and driving and decided to make it a road trip and see some things along the way. I did not think about the traffic and possible road construction though.

Sorry it took me some time to respond to this. But wow a fellow Tulsan! That’s awesome. Yea we had the same discussions and as you can tell by this thread I have spent considerable time thinking about the best route to get to Disney. My current plan is to leave Thursday after work and drive to Little Rock, at that point as you probably know goggle suggests multiple routes for getting to Florida. Ultimately, the plan is to end up in Tallahassee Friday night and then have a shorter drive on Saturday.

I think we are going to try to leave on a Wednesday, that will give us 2 days driving and arrive Friday.
It has been several years since I have been, so I am confused about the ADR’s, I have no idea where I will be each day. When are you going? We are booked Sept. 23-Sept. 30 at Port Orleans Riverside.

We are booked at the Polynesian from Sept. 17-Sept. 25. I’ve been to Disney a few times but my wife and children have not. So they are a bit overwhelmed about all the planning that is necessary. Luckily, my ADR date was on Monday and I got everything that we wanted. I plan on leaving Tulsa on the 15th to hopefully allow for a Disney arrival around early afternoon on the 17th.